I am a fifth year doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University. My major field is international relations, and my minor field is public policy.

My primary research interests include the politics of intellectual property, Internet and technology policy, and cybersecurity.

My dissertation compares theories of policy diffusion using a multi-method approach in an attempt to understand the cross-national spread of intellectual property law.

You can visit my academic home page here.
You can follow me on Twitter here:

When I’m not working on my dissertation (which, believe it or not, is a relatively small amount of the time), I like to ride my bicycle and motorcycle, cook, ballroom dance, and generally fiddle/tinker/hack.

I own a lot of computers. They’re mostly old, though. Some of them I pulled out of the trash. In case you didn’t know, the trash is a great resource for computers and electronics.

I primarily use OS X and Linux for everyday work. I occasionally use Windows XP to play games.

Current fun projects include:

  1. Using an Arduino to act as a USB host for a Rock Band drum kit and synthesize drum sounds for it
  2. JP1 remote control stuff
  3. Automating some common tasks with NFC tags

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