TPP Issue Distances: Sneak Peek

Gabriel J. Michael / gmichael at gwu dot edu

Thanks to a comment from Nick, who pointed out that by simply transposing the distance matrix, we can obtain “issue distances” rather than country distances. That is, the distance matrix will represent the dissimilarity between specific proposals in the text, rather than the dissimilarity of country positions. This approach can be extended to show distances between entire chapters. It presents some challenges in producing decent visualizations, though, so for now I’m just offering a sneak peek.

The following graph plots the proposals found in the intellectual property chapter of the TPP. The farther a proposal is from the center, the less agreement there is on the proposal among the negotiating parties:


Thus, the most disagreement exists on the issues of the TRIPS/WIPO exclusions to national treatment, the Chilean ISP copyright proposal, copyright technical protection mechanisms, and scent trademarks.


About Gabriel

Ph.D. in political science. Postdoc and resident fellow at Yale Law School's Information Society Project. Tech geek. Mechanically inclined. I study the politics of intellectual property.
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