TPP Chord Diagrams using Circos

I made some chord diagrams based on the new TPP intellectual property chapter draft, leaked last Thursday. These diagrams show the extent to which TPP parties band together on bracketed text in the May 16 draft, discussed in more detail here.

The width of the outer country band shows the total number of times a country joins with other countries in the draft. The links emanating from the country and joining it to others vary in width based on the number of times those two countries are paired in the text.

All these images are licensed CC BY. Please feel free to use them (click for higher resolution versions) with attribution to Gabriel J. Michael / The images were produced using Circos, and code to extract the raw data from the TPP draft and generate the Circos data files can be found on GitHub.

I also threw together a series of HTML image maps so that you can click on a country’s band, and its links will be highlighted.







About Gabriel

Ph.D. in political science. Postdoc and resident fellow at Yale Law School's Information Society Project. Tech geek. Mechanically inclined. I study the politics of intellectual property.
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